Plodding along.....

Posted on: 25 Feb 2010

This is what it felt like I was doing last night. The newly found Spring warmth seemed to really take it out of me, and I had made the error of putting my lightweight gillet on without the sleeves so at 3 miles I had to take it off and stuff it in my running tights (attractive) in order to try and, I can't believe I am going to say this, 'keep cool'. Strange weather. Anyway, was a bit of a mental battle but I got my 7m done in 1hr 9m which will do me just fine for now. Naughty Garmin seems to be having an issue at the minute and after not resetting the other night and tacking my run onto the one I had done previously, last night it timed but did not record pace of distance - um, right, so that would a stopwatch then.

So I think I will give the leg a rest tonight as it is sore and aim to get my 3m in on Friday.  More exciting than my running (ahem...) however, was turning my mare out for the firt time this morning. Was slightly apprehensive with the amount of mud but after standing in it myself (just what you want before work) and deciding it was 'wet' mud not 'sticky' mud I decided to go for it. Rugged up to her ears and she stubbled off really quite confused and I don't think she even realised she was free for a minute, but when she did there was a lot snorting, dancing and handstands and much rolling. Happily by the time I had done her stable for later (I will be retriveing her in my lunch hour!) she was tucking into a pile of haylage very quietly and just enjoying being out and free, just as she should be.

Happy Running!



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