No Business Like Snow Business!

Posted on: 07 Jan 2010

Well, the snow didn't miss us this time round. Went out on Tuesday night for my 3m run (on Hal Higdon Plan in final 16 weeks), when we had already had a dusting, and then down it came half way round. Still I got back without harm in 35 mins having actually done 3.5m.

The next day I awoke to Narnia, and after piling on the Musto garments, and digging out my very unsuitable car I made my way very slowly to feed the horse. Forty minutes later I arrived and also received the welcome news of no work! So slowly made my way home to 'work' from my living room. I thought it had finished with the snow but down it came again for another two hours. By the afternoon the scenery was incredible and after some consideration I decided to get out there and do my 4m along the towpath, as the gravel path and new snow gave a nice bit of cusioning and no slip. Was stunning out there with the sky bright blue, children with bobble hats on, and I came home a little out of breath towards the end in 41 mins.

No snow today but it was very icy, and so I again got up earlier to allow for the extended journey to the horse before going onto work. It tooks forty minutes again but I think there was less sliding, and again the wecome news of no work! At this point I should make note that the snow is not the only reason the office is closed. The heating system has frozen and is currently belting out -2 air into the building, so not ideal.

So, been out this afternoon to get another 3M in according to the plan. Not I know its icy out there so I was fairly tentative. To be honest it was not bad at all as I tried to stick to areas where they was still a god bit of snow coverage. St Nics Park looked like the alps with a bright blue sky, acres of snow and people sledging. The only place I nearly came unstuck was going across the bridge where I saw my fate just in time and grabbed the railings while I caught about 10 feet of slide across it. I knew people were sniggering but to be honest I was sniggering to myself too....

Coming back into town I had to walk a few times as the slush had frozen to an ice rink but also the snow seemed to have taken its toll a bit on me! Anyway back safe and sound for just under 3.5 miles in 36mins.

I am anticipating work tomorrow, but hey one day and then its the weekend! Happy Training!

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