Has it really been three weeks....

Posted on: 17 May 2010

I can't believe how long ago the marathon seems now, but life seems to have been on fast forward since it finished - partly I think due to how much got put on hold in the run up to it. Yes, its true I am up to my arm pits in wedding! My job is always extremely busy in July and August as we have all our Championships then, so all the big bits for the wedding needs to get done by the end of June - starting with the hen weekend this coming weekend! The boys have already gone off on their swanky stag to Fuerteventura (ahem..ash cloud anybody...!) and us girls will be off to Leeds for spa, wine, good food and dancing this weekend...not looking forward to Monday..but enough of the wedding what about the running I hear you say!

Well, I have been running. I went out for a my first jaunt about a week after the Marathon as my shins had been so bad in the run up I didn't see any point aggrovating them further. Since then I have been doing 3/4/5 miles all of which have been quite fast for me - yes, there were even 8's in my minute miling for the 3m on Saturday! I am trying to maintain, whilst not aggrevating any other injuries so that I can hopefully achieve a PB in the Two Castle 10 beginning of June.

This whole Marathon thing has been quite life changing really, which sounds quite melodramtic but it really has. Not because I now want to devote my 'entire' life to it, but I want to keep doing it and other things. You see since about the age of 12 I have had a horse to look after, compete etc. Then I went to equestrian college, did an equestrian degree and have worked in the equestrian industry for the past six years. For a while now, I have had a niggling feeling that I may have had enough of horses in one way or another, but the thought of not having one is quite perculiar and almost a bit frightening as it has been such a huge part of my life. Now, it would seem after spending months recovering my beautiful injured mare, who I adore, I don't really have the passion for riding her. Its quite perplaxing and oddly a little upsetting, but hey I guess this is life and so, I have taken a large step and am looking for a loan home for her.

Isn't it funny how life sits in a groove for so long, and then you do something quite unexpected, like entering a marathon and everything gets thrown about...less whimsical post next time I promise!

Happy Spring Trails




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