A Quick Update....

Posted on: 01 Mar 2010

I say quick because to be honest thatere is not that much to report. Due to work I missed my 3m on Thursday and I knew I had to get my LSR done on Saturday and my leg was complianing so it got scrapped, not ideal but I decided the LSR was more important. So I set off on Saturday morning knowing I needed to get a shift on as we were off to Birmingham in the afternoon to see Jimmy Carr in the evening.

I found myself yet again too hot, because yet again I had my lightweight gilet on but had little choice in this as I keep my drink and gels in the pocket, so I just had to live with it. Found the whole thing quite hard going from start to finsih and also found that at 7m I really should have looked at the terrain plan for my route as it was all up hill until 9m, but I guess this is fittening if nothing else! Seemed to stop all the time and just couldn't get my stride at all. I had a gel at 6m and 10m which seemed to work OK again but I used the Lucozade ones and found them much less palatble than the SiS ones. Anyway I finally limped home at 13m in 2h 15m, bit gutted not to make 14/15m but pleased to have gone further than last time.  When I plugged the Garmin in I was actually suprised to find the average pace was about 10.26m/m was wasn't too shameful at all, it just felt exhausting!  I sound a bit grumbly don't I? Sorry. I just want to know whether to stop running or not I think really, and waiting for D-day on Thursday isn't helping!

Anyway, Jimmy Carr was very funny and quite frankly we then went out in Brum and got very tipsy so nothing to report from yesterday but am aiming to get a 4m in tonight. I am then off to York for our Annual Conference until Wednesady so not sure how the week is going to pan out, but I need to wedge those miles in somewhere!

Happy Running!


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