Running with the Mormons

Posted on: 22 Mar 2011

I'm still amused now (doesn't take much) there I was last night running an easy recovery run (just 2 miles) and I was nearly at the top of the hill, about to turn around and head for home, when 2 Mormons appeared on the path in front of me - the Bible, leaflets (and the fact I've seen them before) gave it away.

What I didn't expect as I ran past them was for one of them to turn around and try to tell me about Mormonism while I was running up a hill!! Only a few metres but while I've been chased by dogs and small kids before, I've never been chased by Mormons!!! Trying to convert the unconvertable (not sure if that's a real word but it sounds good Smile)

Does anybody esle get this kind of experience while out running?!?

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