Hills and hamstrings

Posted on: 28 Mar 2011

Did my first ever "hill" session where I only ran up hills on Friday - usually I encounter hills wherever I run (it's a bit difficult to avoid them where I live) and while I felt fantastic after finishing the session, how I ached on Saturday morning! Ouch, my hamstrings!!! But now I've realised the hills aren't as bad as I thought, I'm aiming for another session later on this week when I've recovered a bit!

The schedule said to run 75minutes yesterday so I ran 80 - pleased with myself for that. Next weekend is about 100 minutes so however far I get in that time, plus it's Mothers Day next Sunday so hopefully because I'll be running late for the Mother's Day meal I'll be a little faster than normal because I need to get home and get changed! I don't think my mum will like me turning up to her meal bright red in the face and pouring with sweat!

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