It's the end of lent

Posted on: 02 Apr 2010

I've been good & kept my hands out of the biscuit box since pancake day. I've also watched, in pain, as my son has been picking away at my GIANT toblerone over the last few weeks. BUt the end is almost here - and on Sunday I'm going to treat myself to a luxurious box of the finest chocolate biscuits money can buy (well, Cadbury's are good enough). Washed down with a delicious mug of freshly brewed, hot, steaming coffee - the sacrifice has definately been worth it.

But, although I've not been eating 10-15 digestive biscuits before dinner, the weight's not exactly fallen off me. I'm down a little (2kg), & I'm wearing a pair of jeans that wouldn't fasten up a couple of months ago, but again the weight doesn't seem to be dropping as much as I would have hoped or expected. But I'm definately going to make a greater effort to NOT stuff myself with chocolate, buscuits & sweets every time I feel the slighest bit peckish.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. Another 7+ miles on Wednesday in just under 10 min miles, & definately with a little left in the tank at the finish. But I know that I'm going out with plodders (I guess to make myself feel better) & possibly need to push myself. But not running any other time makes me nervous of pushing myself too hard. Perhaps I'll carry on at this pace until the lap test in May, & then try to step up to the B's after then.

Finally, happy Easter to everyone. Enjoy yourselves (whatever you're doing) & think about us freezing cold, damp & shivering in our caravan this weekend.......

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