MK 1/2 marathon under my belt.........

Posted on: 28 Jul 2009

After a nervous few days leading up to Sunday, a pretty restless night beforehand & possibly not as much training as I'd hoped to do, I surprised myself by managing to complete the course in just over 2 hours.

Looking back I was pretty nervous leading up to Sunday. The furthest I'd run on my own was just under 10 miles (& I hadn't managed to run that all the way), & my last run with the club was a 5 mile 'struggle' two weeks ago. Infact, that struggle was my last engagement with a pair of running shoes.

So Sunday morning we were up late & all managed to arrive at the start for 9.30. Quick hunt around to pick up my number, chip & a bottle of lucozade when beofre you know it I'm in the crowds waiting for the start at 10 o clock.

My stratergy seemed to work. I started easy; perhaps easier than I would normally do. The breathing remained easy for the first hour. There was a slight strain in my right calf but that soon disappeared. Taking a small break at each water station definately seemed to be a good plan, particularly as it meant that I got to drink the water rather than spilling most of it down my front.

I was surprised to catch up with 2 fellow club runners at around 10 miles, particularly as I hadn't seen any familiar faces prior to the start. Mary seemed well, even though she said she was finding it tough going. Poor Jo however; I stayed with her until the 13 mile point. I'm not sure if she helped me or not, but it was nice to have company for the last couple of miles.

The 2 things I've learnt from this event. The first is to take on more water on the day; I guess that's what causes my headache during the race. The second is I need to look into stretches to get rid of the groin strain which I'm now suffering.

In conclusion - the run went exactly as I expected it to. I'm delighted to have completed it all, but the aches & pains will serve to remind me that I need to train more if I'm to complete the GNR with the ease that I'd like.

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