What a difference a week makes

Posted on: 15 Mar 2009

After such a rotten week last week, I managed to visit friends last night & not join in drinking Stella, choosing to drink hot water & fruit teas instead. Afterwards, I even managed to drive into town & pick up our daughter from her night out, which was quite amusing to see. I could get used to this, although I do still feel like anoutsider when I'm not joining in.

However, Sunday morning I was up around 7.30, took a drink back to bed for a short time & then put on my running gear & headed off. And what a great morning it was. Somewhere around 5 miles in just under 40 mins, the sun was out & the paths were quiet. How brilliant, going out for a run in daylight at a time when my eyes are actually open. I could get used to this - infact, I should try to make this a routine thing. I'ts the Saturday night issue I've got to get over.


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