Training for 2010 GNR

Posted on: 12 Aug 2010

So, 2nd year training for the GNR. What's changed????

  1. Training started much later than last year, & seemed to be slow to start. Tiredness kicked in very easily too, & I found myself pulling-up on club runs.
  2. I've not been motivated to enter races unlike last year. Infact, I intended to run all the East Mids midweek races, but in the end didn't take part in any.
  3. At first, it was as if I believed that, because I'd run the distance before, training wasn't as essential.
  4. PB for the NSPCC 1/2, beating last year's time by over 5 mins. A real boost this one, particularly as I didn't suffer any of the aches & pains afterwards, unlike last year. I loved this race as much as I did last year.
  5. Joining MK Lakeside Runners has ensured that I've kept the training up throughout August. I remember last year hardly getting out when we were away in the caravan, so keeping up regular club runs has been great. Also nice to meet a friendly bunch, together with the variety they bring into their sessions.
  6. I think I'm possibly bigger than I was last year; I'm still having to go to work in 36" trousers. Whether that's the beer, or just the 40+ years, I'm not sure. And the weight doesn't seem to be shifting; infact, I don't think I've lost any weight since the initial 1/2 stone in Apr/May.

All in all, it's been a very different run up to last year. Better??? I'm not sure, but definately different. I think the major change has been getting out with a different club. I enjoy Northampton, but maybe I was becomming a little stale there, whereas the fresh challenge/group has helped to motivate me again.

Only a few weeks to go now. Will try & post again before......


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