I'm getting bored running solo

Posted on: 23 Jun 2009

I'm not sure if bored is necessarily the right word, but this morning I planned to drop the cars off at their respective garages for works & to run back from each.

So to the first & within 2 miles I was walking. It was a lovely morning (although quite warm) & I haven't run since Friday so there shouldn't have been any trouble. Just over 4 miles to get home & I managed to run/walk all the way back, taking a break almost every time it got a little challenging.

Then, after 15 mins at home, on to take the second. Only 2 miles away this time, & although I managed to run most of the way back, it was only a light jog. Total running/walking time 1hr5mins, total distance just over 6 miles.

Whereas, put me in a group enviroment, I can maintain a pace/distance far in excess of today's effort. Frustrating!!!!!!

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