First evening back to club

Posted on: 30 Jul 2009

Last night was my first evening back to club for a couple of weeks, & 3 days on from the MK 1/2.

As it was raining the turnout wasn't as great as Wednesday's usually are, but we managed a good 5+ miler around Sywell & Overstone. I was a little aprehensive; although I feel great from the weekend, there's a couple of minor aches still lingering. And my concerns proved right around 2 miles when my right hip began to ache. Now this is the first time I've had this happen, so I'd be very interested to understand what causes it & how to prevent it.

Anyhow. Three miles & I decided to ease off the B group & jog the last 2+ on my own, fluctuating the pace in response to what my body was telling me. What I figure is if this happens during a distance race, I need to recognise it & learn how to control it/run through it.

So, five & half miles in under 50 mins, after a half marathon on Sunday makes me happy. Can't imagine I'll be back training Friday, so I must try to get out while we're away this weekend.

Finally, tiger balm at bedtime is something I haven't had since my calf problems (which seems such a long time ago now), & what a lovely feeling it was.

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