It's all come around so suddenly

Posted on: 15 Sep 2009

Six months ago I was successfully accepted into the Great North Run; something I've watched on TV every year, & each time thought to myself how I'd love to enter it, how it would be great to take part in, & how I'd have to spend half a year training for it which would subsiquently result in me losing loads of weight & looking 21 again.

So here I am, only a few days before I'm due to head off north. I haven't lost an enormous amount of weight. Infact, as I didn't train very much during August because I always found the temptation of the beer fridge too great, my physical shape isn't anywhere near it was in July. But I do feel much fitter & healthier than I was when I set out on this journey.

When I ran the MK half at the end of July I was nervous on the build-up. For this one, I'm not. I'm excited. Eager. Really looking forward to the crowds. The atmosphere. The challenge.

When I ran my final distance run last night (just over seven miles) I imagined myself coming toward the finish, feeling on top of the world, looking out for Tracey & Andrew, who have both been there at the finish line of all the races I've competed in this year. Indeed, poor Andrew (who's 11) always worries just before I approach the finish that I may not make it this time.

So, in conclusion, I've really enjoyed training for this run. Joining Northampton Road Runners has been real fun. I'm not sure that I'll go to the extent of applying for the GNR again, but I'll not be giving up the training; infact, I intend to train twice a week with the club & hope to get myself into the A's & possibly the X-Country squad. Now, that would be an achievemment, particularly if you'd seen me doing X-Country at school circa 1981.

Finally, I'm overjoyed to be raising some money for Cancer Research UK, & am overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone I've asked to support me.

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