Running at rush hour

Posted on: 15 Sep 2009

The first of three 4-mile runs this week at 10:00 min mile pace. It was raining heavily as I arrived home from work but by the time I was changed and back out the rain had stopped, though it was a bit cool and blustery. Running at evening rush hour is not my favourite time to run, especially down country lanes used as rat runs when there's no pavement to run on - I might have to rethink my route for these evening runs.

Generally I was running faster than the target pace so I kept having to slow down a little. It's amazing how easy I found the run, I was barely out of breath at the end, even after the last two hard runs, a sign that I'm getting fitter all the time. The rain came down for the last mile or so which was not pleasant - amazingly, that's only the second or third time I've run in the rain in the 12 months I've been running - so I ran that last mile a bit quicker than I should have to finish in 39:34.

Enjoy your running!

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