The 4-week countdown starts...

Posted on: 29 Sep 2009

First of all, thank you to everyone who posted wishing my Dad and Liam speedy recoveries. Dad had his operation Sunday which went well - I'll be popping up (if a 500-mile round trip can be described that way!) to see him Friday/Saturday. Liam is also fine now and was back out running with his athletics club tonight.

I managed to get out for a gentle 2 mile run this evening just to ease some of the stiffness in my legs and feet following Sunday's race. Having been sat indoors most of the day, I was surprised how warm, almost humid it was, just perfect for easing back into running after a hard race. I felt surprisingly good and as has been the case with all my easy and slow runs lately, I had to keep easing off the throttle. The run was completed in 19:45.

The big news today was my Great South Run pack arrived! I've read the magazine twice already! I'm SO looking forward to the race - getting the pack is just what I need to help me focus on a really good last 4 weeks of training before the big day!

Enjoy your running!

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