The hardest run (so far)

Posted on: 11 Sep 2009

Yesterday it was time for some speedwork. A 7-mile run split as follows:

1.25 miles warm-up run at 10:00 mile pace

3 x 1-mile @8:00 minute mile pace followed by 1/2 mile recovery jog

1.25 miles cool-down run at 10:00 mile pace

This was definitely the hardest workout I've done so far! The first two quick miles were not too bad but during my recovery jog after the 2nd, I was very much in two minds whether to go for the third. I did - and about 1/4 mile in I really was close to slowing down - but I managed to convince myself to keep going, though I was REALLY glad when I reached the end of that 3rd quick mile. The final cool-down part of the run was tough too, my legs were heavy, and it was hard work but I kept going and finished in 64:14. Although I was very tired at the end, I was really pleased with myself for sticking with it and felt a real sense of achievement. My previous fastest training run over 7 miles was 67:30 and I've only previously run more than 5 miles after work once before - and that was last week!

That 3rd quick mile - it felt like I was running close to my limit ... I'd look at my watch constantly, .1 of a mile gone, .2 gone - this is sooo hard, I must stop - .3 gone - this is getting scary, my heart can't cope - .4 gone - I'm nearly half-way, the first glimmer of hope that I could do it - .5 gone - halfway! I might be able to do it! - .6 gone, .7 gone - real encouragement now, go on, keep it going, you can do it - .8 gone - this is still hard - .9 gone - getting very tired, surely I must be there now - .95 gone - pleading with myself to slow down - 1 mile! - slow down rapidly - I've done it!!! ... followed quickly by the realisation that I've still got 1.75 miles to go to finish the run!

I was very tired for the rest of the evening and slept very soundly. I was expecting to feel stiff today but my legs are feeling pretty good and I'm now looking forward to an 8-mile run on Sunday - another first as it will be my longest training run to date!

Enjoy your running!

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