Sunday best

Posted on: 20 Sep 2009

Sunday is my favourite morning. No alarm call to wake me; a nice big mug of tea; a bowl of porridge; and a leisurely lie in with the Sunday papers. Followed, of course, by a run on another warm, sunny day. Life doesn't get much better! My chill of mid-week had left me to go and plague some other poor soul and I felt good as I set off but for some reason it took me a while to get into a good rhythm. I just couldn't run at my target pace, endlessly speeding up and slowing down, so after about a mile I decided to ignore the watch for once and run at what felt a comfortable, easy pace. That was much more enjoyable and I eventually completed the run easily in 39:22.

The run gave me time to think about my training schedule this week. I'm booked into the Mortimer 10K next Sunday and my schedule has an easy 2 miles on Tuesday, a 6-mile tempo run on Thursday, an easy 2 miles on Friday, and an 8-miler on Sunday. I've been in two minds about whether to go for a new PB for the 10K or whether to treat it as a training run. Having started to build some endurance with the extra miles I've been running and with me also doing some additional speedwork since I last ran a 10K, I'm interested to see whether my 10K time will have improved. That said, my main focus is the Great South Run. So I've decided on the following compromise which should work. I can work from home on Tuesday and fit in the 8-miler; Thursday and Friday will be an easy 2-miles both days; and I'll use the Mortimer 10K for my tempo run, albeit probably a bit quicker than maybe the schedule calls for.

On Sunday afternoon, we took Cara back to University for her third year. It was great to see her new house and meet one of her housemates. The house is much better than her previous place - it feels like a home rather than just a place for 3 students to share - I think she'll enjoy it there. I've got used to her being at home over the last 3-4 months and will miss her - but probably not as much as Lizzie (the cat) will!

Enjoy your running!

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