Posted on: 03 Apr 2009

Is it really 9 days since my last blog? Blimey, doesn't time fly when you are having fun? Been running round the football pitches still, and going to the gym since then so I have been active. And so far they have caused me no extra pain at all although the underlying problem is still there.

Last night I took Mitch to football training and have had a minor setback. Nothing major, but only 6 kids turned up for training, and two dads (me being one of them) so we decided to go one on each side but only play in goal. This would have been no problem but even against 6 year olds I am too competetive and don't want the little buggers to beat me so I was running around all over the place. The problems were caused by me having the wrong trainers on, instead of running shoes or even football trainers I had my casual ones on. Today, and last night, my foot ached but I think plenty of stretching today will sort that out.

I guess we've all been following Rach on her MdS exploits. Who would have ever imagined the Sahara being flooded? She must be gutted at losing some stages but also exhilarated that it's almost over now. I think she has inspired loads of people to look into doing something similar, if not this one. It looks fun in a strange kind of way, and I think if I ever get running again I will think even more about it. Need to still lose a few stone though (and that is still, slowly, coming off. 2lb off one week, 1 1/2 lb on the next but I'll settle for that when I haven't been exercising).

Never ever give up

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