This is a really whinging post

Posted on: 28 Jan 2009

I injured my heel on November 2nd and haven't ran since. A few weeks ago I was itching to get back out there and run but to be honest I have got out of the habit and don't really think about it anymore. Except when I see other people out jogging that is and then I want to run them over for being able to when I can't. Two weeks ago I ricked my back at work, nothing serious but it kept me away from the gym for a week and I got out of that habit too. So I haven't been there for two weeks either.

Want more bad news? I got made redundant from work last Friday. Rode my bike in the pouring ran, went in dripping wet and before I got my coat off the boss told me the news. She is shutting the company down. Don't know why, we are making a profit week in week out but she has her reasons for wanting to get out. I could go into why I think so but it wouldn't be right here. Suffice to say she is looking after herself and sod the staff. Saying that, she is being OK to us, we are working this week just to clear the place out and she keeps making noises about finding me another job but so far there is nothing solid.

Shall I keep going? My heel injury is not getting any better, I still can't walk very far on it without having to limp and I can't run at all. It is plantar faciitis (spelling?) and I have some exercises to do and I am having a course of ultrasound too but if things aren't better in the next 4 treatments the fizzio wants to inject it.

Want more? It was daughter No2's 18th birthday last Thursday and we had a meal out (I was stuffed more than I have ever been before), a birthday party on the Saturday and a curry in between. Weighed myself in just my shorts this morning and didn't go to WW. No point!

But there is good news. Now I have more time to go to the gym, more time to meal plan and more time to make sure I do my heel exercises. Got to make sure I stay away from Mrs K though, being together so much, at home and WW is a VERY DANGEROUS combination. Especially as several of her friends are pregnant and she is feeling left out!!!!!!

Never ever give up

there have been times when I thought I will never run again but one day I will - I have to, Kim is beating my pb's!

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