Chessington, football and not an all dayer.

Posted on: 20 Apr 2009

Although I haven't blogged since last Wednesday I haven't been slacking, not too much anywayWink. Went to Chessington for the day on Thursday, as you can imagine there was plenty of walking done. I still took my rest day on Friday although I felt guilty about it all day and really thought that I should be out doing something. Life got in the way a bit though, my mum was having a bad day and the kids needed sorting, shopping needed doing, wife needed attention, you know the sort of things (not that Ruddy!!). Oh, and I was cooking.

Went to the gym on Saturday afternoon, it was empty. Bliss. Got lost in whatever it is I was thinking about and sweated like a madman picking a new axe! Torrents of it were pouring off me and flying all over the place. Trouble is the X trainers face a blank wall. When I finished huffing and puffing, grunting and groaning, screaming and singing, I turned round to find 3 people on the bikes behind me! And not one of them would look me in the eye. God knows what I was doing, saying, screaming to motivate myself but they looked scared enough!

Had our final football match of the season yesterday. Tradition states that we, as a team, go out for a few beers after and it always turns into an all dayer. It's traditonal now so it has to be done OK? We lost (came bottom of the league!). The referee didn't turn up so guess who done the job? 90 minutes in my football trainers (didn't take my boots as I was expecting a ref) was enough exercise for me yesterday. The all dayer? We have a shit bunch of lads this year, only two of us went out and we gave up after a few hours! In previous years there have been 15+ of us! Got to get some new 'lad's next season, not these woosy students or bloody muslims who don't drink! 

Hospital gym this morning but after yesterday my heel is aching, probably due to the lack of support my football trainers offer compared to my running trainers or everyday ones that have heel gels in them. Didn't work hard at all, didn't even break into a sweat. Good news is the fizzio says to keep coming throughout May then she will sign me off.  

Thinking about going for a run soon but might wimp out as my heel still aches and I don't want to push my luck.

Never ever give up

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