Never ever give up

Posted on: 21 Apr 2009

Some of you will be travelling down to London in the next few days so might not see this if I post it the day before. I just want to wish each and every one of you an excellent day. For those who have done it before, I demand that you fly like the wind and beat your targets. For those doing it for the first time, ENJOY! It will be one of the greatest days of your life. Once you have recovered that is lol. Lap up the sights, smile, take in the crowd, have a laugh and do not stop smiling. Acknowledge the shouts of support you get from strangers, take the jelly babies, drinks, sandwiches etc when they are offered. And keep smiling. Get chatting to someone running the same pace as you and the miles will fly by. Especially if you smile! Most importantly though


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