Tiny penis

Posted on: 07 Jan 2009

How quickly did you click after you saw the title?

Popped to the gym after work for an hour last night (3rd time since Friday), took it sensibly but it was getting busy and I am still at that stage where I would rather there were only a few fatties like me in there, or no one else at all. There were a couple of BIG lads in there playing with the free weights and talking a little too loudly about how much they can lift or what they did last time they were in. I bet they both have tiny dicks! Wouldn't say I was intimidated but I didn't hang around too long, just got on with what I wanted to do and left.

Refereed two football matches last night, 8:30 and 9:15. It was bloody freezing out there and I am doing 6:15 - 10:00 tonight. At least it should only get down to -1 tonight, well that's a flipping comfort! I kept on my toes to keep warm and have no doubt I'll do the same tonight but my heel hurts again. Maybe it's the trainers but as I wear four different pairs for various things (work, football, running, general) it will take a bit of detective work to figure out which ones are causing me grief. In fact it may be the orthotics, do they wear out after a while like trainers do?

Mrs K has started running again, been out twice already this week and plans to run another 3 times. Good for her. Now she wants new trainers and running trousers. Could have said so a month ago couldn't she!

Went to WW this morning, we both put on 2lb over the Christmas break. I'm happy enough with that, any more and I wuold have been disappointed and I know that 2lb can come off pretty easily if I stick to the plan. In fact, I intend to shift 4lb this week and get to a 1 stone loss. Gym, gym and gym with plenty of sensible eating should do it. Now where are those custard creams?

I want to throw them away!

Never ever give up

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