Feeling it today

Posted on: 09 Apr 2009

Wonder what gem Ruddy will come up with to that title?

Been active every day this week and today it caught up with me. Went out for another 10 laps, maybe I was pushing it hard again as towards the end of my run I was flagging. Each run along the side of the pitch is usually around 70 steps, give or take 5 depending how fast I am running, I did a few lengths today in 60 steps so that might be why I was so tired afterwards. Must all be good for me though. Jogged home and stopped at the usual spot, the lamp-post just round the corner form my house but I was still out of breath by the time I walked in the door. I'm not usually.

Gotta go, only another 4 football matches and I can have a day off tomorrow. No exercise at all - it's gonna be bliss.

Never ever give up

Bugger, just remember the kids are off school. Some bliss that will be!

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