Slow down Philip

Posted on: 06 Apr 2009

Compared to lots of you guys I do very little exercise but after a 5 month injury lay off just running around a football pitch is still a novelty. Trouble is I seem to have got my motivaton back in a big way now and want to run, gym, bike every day and enter races! And as of yet I still haven't ran a mile non stop! I need to slow down and  not do so much so I don't aggravate the PF, it is still there and still aches but I can honestly say, at last, that it seems to be getting better and easier. I think getting back into the gym has helped so I ask myself why I didn't go earlier? I think I was afraid of causing more damage so I laid off for a while, once you stop going it's easy to stop going (if you get what I mean). I think it had a lot do do with being made redundant too, the apathy set it in and wouldn't clear off.

Today I had an 'ankle class' at the gym, my fizz says my right ankle is weak compared to my left (the right is the side where I had adductor problems, ITB and now PF. Surprised? Me neither) so I go to a weekly class to help strengthen it. Not sure what it does as the exercises don't target one side or the other but they are the experts so I do as I am told. An hour in the hospital gym was hard work today, as I have got my mojo back I pushed it harder than I ever have done and they noticed the difference, I was sweating like a blonde running across the Sahara Desert!

I was planning to run this afternoon but after thinking it over, and Mrs K nagging me (OK, advising me) I have decided to stick to only one bout of exercise a day for a while. I still need to referee tonight (it's paid work) and will be on my feet for 3 hours later, gym tomorrow, run and ref Wed, gym and ref Thurs and rest Friday. The only thing I might add is the odd bike ride which is obviously very low impact but good CV. Might not though, depends if it is windy/raining/snowing/too hot etc. I keep looking at races to enter but sense does take over and I don't. It's too soon to be thinking of racing and I still haven't ran on the roads yet (well, the path home from the field but it's about 500m) so I will resist but the New Forest Half is tempting - I've got 5 months so it's not an impossibility. We'll see how things go for the next month or so.

Weighed myself Saturday morning, had a good eating day, got on the scales same time Sunday morning and put on a lb! ??? Shan't worry too much, that will follow the increase in running when it comes.

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