Told it wasn't too bad

Posted on: 04 Apr 2009

Despite the self imposed heel ache Thursday night and yesterday there was very little pain today so I thought I would try a jog. After plenty of stretching off I went (with the kids in tow) to the sports field for 10 laps of the pitch again. I have to add at this point, that it's 10 laps of a (one, singular, solo, on it's own, solitary) football pitch, not 10 laps of the field that has 9 football pitches on it (that's what Mrs K thought I was doing. That's just under 10 miles!). As I'm only just getting back into it after a 5 month lay offI think that's plenty for now, plus I had no idea how far 10 laps are so today I wore the Garmin for the first time in months and measured it. 2.08 miles so I am pretty pleased with that. I'm not bothered in the slightest about the time so why do I try to do each leg faster than the one before? Those 2.08 miles took me 23:37 and when I consider it's run/walk even I am impressed with that. OK, I would love to be faster but first things first, let's get running again before I try to speed up.

I've decided to do gym one day, run the next so as not to overdo things but I want a bit of advice. When I go to the gym I usually cycle 10 mins there then do 30 mins on the cross trainer and 5-10 mins on the rower, all good CV workouts. Then I go into the weights room and spend about 30 minutes in there. I enjoy it that way but a non running friend was there the other day and he said he does CV one day and weights the next so as to give his body a bit of a rest each day. Should I follow a similar plan and just to do weights when I go to the gym, or will it not hurt to do CV as well? TBH if I am paying to go I would want to do the whole workout, doing weights only for 30-45 mins seems a waste of money to me.

Rachpops, you're my new hero. You

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