Posted on: 26 Feb 2009

Put on 1/2lb this week, add 1lb on last week and I am headign in completely the wrong direction. Time to take stock and re-evaluate my eating habits. I have noticed they are slipping again, the odd biscuit is always 5 or 6, I find th eoccasional late night snack in my hand and have no idea how it got there and the fruit always goes rotten before it gets eaten these days. I can lose 3lb in a week, and going back to the gym will help so I am hopeful of doing it this week. If I do it will be the first time in years that the scales have read 18st ??lbs so I am going to give it a bloody good go. Having one of those 'hungry' days - you know the ones where, no matter how much or what you eat you are still hungry - yesterday didn't help? I managed really well up until the evening, then sneaked a cheese sandwich and a creme egg.

Had physio today, got to keep doing the stretches and exercising as I have been but now I am enrolled in an 'ankle' class. Apprantely my right ankle is weak compared to my left so I need to strengthen it, this might help with the PF with a little luck.

Mrs K wants to do the Moonwalk this year, anyone know much about it? I seem to remember a few of you ladies doing it over the last few years, I thought the idea of a 'moonwalk' was to walk through the night, the Portsmouth one is during the day as far as we can find out and it's on the same day as the GSR. 

More cycling yesterday but not as far as Tuesdays. Don't know how far, just pottering around town but I rode instead of using the car. I had to 'sign on' as well, what a depressing thing that is to do. The JobCentre was full of drunks, junkies, layabouts and chavs all trying to swear louder than the next man. Don't ge tme wrong, I can swear with the best of them and the language doesn't bothe rme really but there are times when you don't do it. If I was the boss I would have security chuck them out first word they uttered. They would soon learn to curb it when their money was late. The sooner I find a job the better, so far I have actually enjoyed being at home but that has made me change my mind (and being at home with Mrs K is driving me, and her, mad!)

Gotta go, got a cup semi final on Sunday and have a training session tonight, I bet only about 5 turn up 'cos they don't want to get injured!

Never ever give up

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