Half marathon today

Posted on: 24 Feb 2009

For anyone who doesn't know, I live on an island. And it's just over a half marathn distance all the way round. How handy is that? When I get back to marathon training again I have a half marathon training run literally on my doorstep. Oh, you didn't think I ran the title did you? Sorry, I rode my bike, keeping as close to the shore as I could all the way. It was pretty sticky in some places and if the tide is in I would get a bit damp (OK, pretty wet) as some of the route took me below the high water mark. There are ways round it though and I look forward to the day I can run it.

Otherwise this week I refereed 90 minutes for the first time since Nov 2nd. It was on soft ground and my heel was fine all the way through but once I had settled in the evening it was bloody killing me. So much so that I even popped a few painkillers. I went to the gym for the first time in a month yesterday, it was pretty busy though so I only spent 20 minutes on the cross traner and about 30 minutes doing some weights. Then I reffed 4 hours at the local 5 a side league, that's 4 hours on my feet and again my heel ached when I got home. I was going to hit the gym again today but decided to give it a miss in favour of a bike ride. I had no plan other than to do 10 miles but  once I got going I decided to see if I could cycle all the way round Portsea Island. If you want to be precise it was 13.65 miles.

WW tomorrow morning, I have lost almost a stone since Christmas, 2lb tomorrow and I will have done it. I'll let you know.

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