Physio, Chiro or Podi?

Posted on: 20 Dec 2008

My foot is still playing up and it isn't getting better fast enough for me, it's been well over a month that I haven't bene able to run and it's not only pissing me off but it's costing me money. I could referee three times at a weekend, that would be £60 and like everyone I could do with that money, especially now. I did go sdee the doc and he told me that it would take time to heal, he said up to three months but I really didn't think it would still stop me from running after all this time. A few of you have mentioned physio and I think now is the time to go, but should I go to physio, or a chiropractor or a podiatrist? It's a heel problem I have, more like between the heel and the arch of my foot so would a foot specialist be better? And if so which one? I'm not exactly sure what the difference is.

It doesn't ache too much when I have been walking, we went to Paultons Park yesterday (where we met the real Father Christmas) and I managed to go almost the whole day without any pain but towards the end of the day it was playing up. We were booked to go to Lapland New Forest but like thousands of others, we were ripped off too. Another reason I wanted to go refereeing, to get that money back before Christmas.

Went to WW earlier this week, it's been going well but I had one of those days last Sunday. I just couldn't stop eating and whilst I tried to stick to fruit and yoghurts I did find myself eating some crap. And a kebab on Sunday evening. I still lost though, but only 1/2 a lb. At least it's in the right direction. We don't go back until Jan 7th so I now have almost three weeks to regulate things myself. Shouldn't be too hard but Christmas day might prove awkward.

Time to sign off for Christmas, i doubt I will post again before the big day but I will still look in regularly (every day at least) to see what you suggest about foot doctors. 


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