Good lunchtime run

Posted on: 16 Apr 2008

Wendy and I went out to do the 3.7 mile route that we ran in 39 minutes last Tuesday.  We set off well and Wendy was chatting away and it wasn't until around 2 miles that I realised we were running inside her usual 10 minute pace. 

I kept the pace going and it didn't seem a problem to Wendy who was running well.  As we got close to the finish I could tell from the time that we were on for a quick time and told Wendy we'd have to keep working hard to go under 37 minutes and that I thought we'd done 37 last week!!

We pushed to the finish in 35:44 as I expected under 36 mins.  Wendy was very pleased with this especially when I told her we'd done 39 minutes last week so a big difference in speed and it wasn't too difficult.

I'm feeling good now most of the aches have gone, I'll do another session on the track tomorrow night then I'll rest until I run on Sunday. 

Still not decided about going over to 2009 but as more people are leaving here I might have to make up my mind soon or have no one to talk to!

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