Long run with some help!

Posted on: 17 Feb 2008

Had a great long run today and the help came from Sandrine who agreed to run the middle 10 miles with me (well 10.5 really).

I set off with 45 minutes before I was due to pass Sandrine's house to collect her and gave myself just over 5 miles to do in that time.  As usual I had problems slowing myself down in the first few miles and my splits are a bit up and down!  8:02, 8:39, 8:27, 8:23, 8:16 by this time I was close to Sandrine's and slowed myself down so I arrived just 2 minutes early - luckily she was ready and I didn't have to stop as we continued into mile six which was 8:42 (due to me slowing down in the first quarter mile).  We then went 8:45 and 8:28 up to mile 7. 

We then started to climb and kept the pace steady - I work on even effort not even pace so I aim for the average pace being on target. Eight was 8:40, then to 10 in 8:50 followed by 8:46.  We then levelled outand the times began to come down as Sandrine began to push for home with 8:16, 8;04, 8:11, 8:15 and then 8:14 as we reached her house. 

I knew now I would have to work to keep that pace going but despite that the pace dropped to the 17 mile mark in 8:22, but I managed to pick it up to 18 with 8:08.  I then worked hard with an up and then downhill in the next mile with a surprising 7:58 but suffered in next mile with 8:21 to 20 miles and then took 1 minute for the final bit.

Total distance 20.12 miles in 2:48.45 to average 8:23 per mile well ahead of my planned 8:30 pace - thanks Sandrine!  This has given me my second week on the trot at 50 miles and my total for the 13 weeks I've been training to 453 miles averaging 34.8 miles per week.  I've often spoke about my 5 longest runs and this one has taken my total to 101.7 for the 5 runs so bang on target!

Easy week now before next weekend's Blackpool Half Marathon where I'm looking for a time close to 1:30 - there I've said it so I'll have to go for it now!!  Hope you've all had a great weekend and had some goods runs/races!

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