OK I missed a session!

Posted on: 05 Mar 2008

Yes I have to admit I missed a session today, it wasn't totally my fault but I did make the decision! Still it was only a recovery run and I still did tonight's tempo run so all is not lost!

Met up at the track tonight with Louise, Sandrine, Sara, Mark and Darren and explained the session - 1 mile warm up jog and then 20 minutes at a fast pace - aiming for 20-30s per mile slower than 10k pace which for me would be around 7:05-7:15 pace. Then those out in front to jog back to the others and head back to the track.

Did the first mile in just under 10 minutes and there was a bitter cold wind blowing - just what we needed. I set off hard on the 20 minutes tempo (probably a bit too hard) and went through the first mile in 6:50.  Second mile had a long uphill and it was into the wind and mark was sat in behind me all the way in 7:25.  Then we picked up again ran to 20 minutes with 0.83 mile in 5:19 to give me and Mark 2.83 miles in 20 minutes averaging 7:02/mile.

The others all did between 2.4 and 2.8 miles in the 20 minutes and we then jogged for a mile before the pace began to pick back up as we neared the track and the last 0.93 mile was done at 8 minute pace with a fast sprint for last couple of hundred metres for Mark, Sandrine and I.

Good session totalling 5.76 miles in 48:06 averaging 8:21 overall.  Back on a double session tomorrow then a lunchtime run Friday rest Saturday and a fast 10k race on Sunday, where I'm certain Mark is going to go all out to beat me, which he probably will but then he is only a third of my age!


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