Last but one run...

Posted on: 10 Apr 2008

Well not really a run as such I just did the mile wam up and another to warm down at the end of the pyramid session that my group were running tonight.  So 2 miles not too quick just stretching my legs.

Tomorrow I'll do 3 at lunchtime with Wendy and that's it then until the Fun Run in London on Sunday! Hope you're all coping with these last few days, I am just!

There having a sweepstake at work for my finishing time, they've put each minute from 3:10 (I wish!) to 4 hours (I hope not!) in a bag and then paying 50p to choose one - winner gets 50% next closer 30% and third 20%.  Can't understand why they won't let me have a go!!

Hope those who've been to the Expo have had fun so far, I'm going to check a few blogs before trying tog et a reasonable night's sleep!

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