Another good run

Posted on: 20 Dec 2007

Went out at lunch yesterday (on my own again!) Chose to do the same run as Tuesday but in reverse - no Glenn not backwards!

This is the tough way round as the hills are steeper and longer.  I pushed hard all the way and did the 4.1 miles in 33:21 so around 30 seconds quicker but a much harder run. 

Had a great meal out last night with Louise, Sandrine, Sara and Charlotte - shame Jodie, Karl, Darren and Rachel couldn't make it but we chatted all night and had some great food and a few drinks.

Tonight was the last night at the Club before Christmas and I arranged a fun team session where each team had a different colour and I hid balloons of each colour around the track and then read out clues that the athletes had to solve before one of them had to sprint to get the balloon.  It was good fun and we finished on the indoor track playing bulldog. I only managed a couple of miles as part of this session and it's rest now before a long run on Sunday hopefully around 15 miles.


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