Feeling Surprisingly Good

Posted on: 07 Jan 2008

Considering how I felt last night after my long run and how my legs and back ached this morning, I really surprised myself tonight with how good I felt for the track session.

The session was 3 x 1000m hard with 400m jog and then 4 x 150m sprints with jog back recovery.  I did 1.75 mile warm up and then our usual running drills to warm and then got going with the session. I must admit that on the first 1000m my legs felt heavy but I ran well for 4:12 (6:26 pace) and then jogged the 400m.  The second 1000m felt better but came in at 4:11 so same pace. I felt I was recovering on the jog and went into the last 1000m feeling good. I set off well and then kicked in harder in the second 200m and moved past a couple of runners I controlled my pace as it was too early and then pushed harder over the last 300m to finish strongly in 4:01 (6:12 pace).

We then got ready for the sprints and I split the group into three and we ran in the outside lanes.  I didn't time the sprints just worked hard running with different groups of runners to see how they were doing, I worked hard and felt surprisingly good.

With 1 mile warm down the total session came to 5.8 miles.  Tomorrow is a recovery run for me, running with Wendy at lunch about 5k. Then hopefully a tempo run over about 4 miles on Wednesday. Now I'm going to have a quick see how you're all doing before off for some beauty sleep - yes Glenn I know!

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