Busy week...

Posted on: 01 Feb 2008

Been in Banbury this week for another branch opening with Thomas and Howard from the TV ads and also got in some running.

Did 3.8 miles on Wednesday lunch with Jenny and Wendy and just did a slow easy run chatting along and Wendy said she really enjoyed it and felt so comfortable.

Drove down to Banbury Wenesday afternoon and then got up early on Thursday and did an out and back 6 miles.  I set off aiming for 9 minute miles out (well it is an easy week) first mile was uphill and into a strong wind and came out at 9:32 so I picked it up and watched as the garmin average came down to 9 minutes so second mile was 8:32 and the third mile 8:57 and reached 3 miles in just over 27 minutes.

I turned round and headed back picking up the pace. Mile 4 was 8:16, 5 was 8:18 and then I got moving for the last mile which had some fast downhill in it and I did 7:27 with 24:02 for the second 3 miles.  I finished with 6 miles in 51:05 averaging 8:30 and felt really good.

Got back home at 9:45 after driving from 5 pm.  Managed to get out this lunch time with Wendy and as time was short I picked a 5k route and kept pushing along in the wind.  Wendy was saying that she was finding it hard and I said it was because of the wind! But it was because of the pace - we finished in 30 minutes which is 3 minutes quicker than Wendy did the race for Life so a great run!

Now I'm going to try to have a quick catch up on what you're all doing. I hope you all have good weekends planned at that you're not affected too much by snow!

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