Wet track session

Posted on: 17 Jan 2008

On to the track tonight despite the rain.  I did a mile warm up before everyone arrived then did the mile warm up with Mark before doing our drills and preparing for the session. 

Tonights session was 6 x 200m sprint with 200m jog followed by 5 x 100m sprint with walk back recoveries then the usual mile to warm down.

My 200s were OK a bit quick to start but then went well - 37s, 43s, 38s, 35s, 34s, 32s.  Then into the 100s 15s, 15s, 14s, 12s, 15s - bad start on last and didn't recover!  Good session despite the rain and the puddles that filled lane 1 around half the track!

Session totalled 5.8 miles in all so a good distance and some good speed combined.  Back in work tomorrow after directing photoshoot all week and will probably do recovery run with Wendy at lunch.


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