Rest Day

Posted on: 23 May 2007

Well it's been arest day for me as I've been down to our offices in Cardiff to run a branding workshop for the marketing team down there! 

Spoke to Jenny earlier and she said her legs were aching today but she was going swimming tonight so that should help.  I did point out that they might be worse tomorrow but she's bringing her kit again and wants to do another run so we'll see how she does tomorrow!

I'm going to keep at a steady 2 miles for now to see how she does but she runs with a nice relaxed style and should do OK.  She admitted she'd run around a local park a few months ago about 1 mile and tried to go too quick and was out of breath and shattered very quickly so she amazed herself running 2 miles on Tuesday!  I think she'll really enjoy the atmosphere of the Race for Life and be asking for more races soon!!

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