Recovery run

Posted on: 06 Feb 2008

Went out at lunch time with Wendy as planned and without her knowing it I did the same run as yesterday and didn't tell her the distance until the last mile.

We did 4.1 miles in around 43 minutes so a nice recovery run for me and her longest run for Wendy.  It was a gorgeous day, bright sunshine and dry but with a cold wind.  The route had a long climb to around 3/4 mile then a steep hill as well but then a good mile or so down hill before we started the last mile which is mostly up hill again.

Good run and at last a nice steady pace for me.  We'll run again tomorrow lunch probably shorter distance and then I'm on the track again tomorrow night for one of my favourite sessions - 3 x 3 x 300m, with 100m recovery between 300s and 3 mins between sets. Another lunch time run Friday before a rest day Saturday and then a 20+ run on Sunday.

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