Two Session Day

Posted on: 07 Feb 2008

Another lovely day to run and Wendy and I got out again for an easier run - 3.62 miles in around 38 mins.  I told Wendy what you all said about me conning her into running further but she thought that at times it was better not to know how far she was going!  We both enjoyed our nice sunlit run today although it was a bit windy.  I forgot to tell you that Wendy actually went out on her own on Sunday for a 5k run at home!!  Jenny's not doing so good and hasn't been out this week but she's been busy because she's just sold her house and is about to move in the next week or so and I guess it's a stressful thing moving!

Tonight it was a track session of 2 miles warm up then our drills and 3 x 3 x 300m with 100m walk recovery and 3 minutes between sets.  I had a really up and down night very inconsistent for me but I worked hard throughout the session.  My 9 300m were run in 57.4s, 61.2s, 60.7s, 58.4s, 62.5s, 65.7s, 59.4s, 59.9s, 67.3s - legs really died on the last one and had nothing left! Finished with a mile warm down for a 5.7 mile session.

Will perhaps run on my own tomorrow lunch, an easy 3.5-4 miles and then a rest day Saturday before Sunday's long run. 

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