Anyone seen my motivation?? Temporarily misplaced it...

Posted on: 14 Mar 2008

I hope!!!

Sorry not been on for a few days had a really down week.  felt good after last Sunday's race and a good training session on Monday, but then Tuesday's 4 miles felt terrible - legs very heavy and didn't have any motivation.

Decided to skip Wednesday's run completely and did 3.9 with Wendy on Thursday lunch in 42 mins, but still felt heavy legged. Went to track on Thursday night and did 2 miles warm up the 2 x (600m hard, 200m jog, 200m sprint) with 200m walk in the middle.  It rained non-stop all through the session and I was soaked to the skin yet again!

I did the first 600m in 2:30 and the 200m in 44s.  The second set was 2:28 and 38s, but I still felt bad.

Just seemed to have lost my motivation this week, loads of hassle with my car that hopefully seems to have been sorted now - I've got a courtesy car until my new one arrives.  But the days spent travelling on the train or walking miles in the rain for a lift in gales and rain have not helped. I rested again today and did the sensible thing and went to Decathlon bought myself new shoes, a drinks belt, some running socks and a T-shirt - new kit always makes me feel better.

Rest again tomorrow and then the Spen 20 on Sunday and I hope my motivation reappears by then!  I read some of my 1983 running diary this morning about my build up to the London Marathon that year when I was running around double the mileage I am now and every page talked of how tired I was but I still ran my best time ever that year!

Sorry for moaning on but I think it's helped and I'm looking for a good run on Sunday.

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