Another sensible run

Posted on: 08 Apr 2008

Back out at lunchtime today with Wendy for a good 3.7 miles in 39 minutes, just running and chatting in the sunshine!

If I get to bump into any of you on Saturday night (perhaps at Pete E's hotel in Trafalgar Square) you might get the chance to meet Wendy as she's coming down to support me along with Sonia another friend from work - but they're off for anight out in London while I head for my bed and sleep/rest for Sunday!!

Started to add extra carbs into my diet now as part of the build up to Sunday - extra pasta with my salad at lunch (I just piled it into the case instead of lettuce, tomato and cucumber from the deli!)

Hope you're all coping with the easy week and not getting to edgy!

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