Great run today!

Posted on: 06 May 2007

Felt good today and was running on my own so decided to push it along a little - not flat out because I'm not sure I've fully recovered yet!

Did 7.84 miles on the Garmin in 59:08 so 7:32 miling.  An up and down course and quite strong wind! First mile went well in 7:25 and then went into the wind on bit of an uphill with 7:27.  Had long 2-3 mile stretch into the wind with a bit of uphill and then a good downhill.  Mile three was 7:35, to 4 in 7:50 (the uphill bit!) then 6:39 which shows where the downhill was! Dropped back to 7:30 for mile six, 7:33 to 7 and was by now pushing for home which was slightly uphill in a few places meant the last 0.84 was in 7:05.

Felt good and just what I needed before the 4 mile race on Wednesday night.  I'll do an easy 2-3 miles tomorrow or Tuesday then the race.

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