No excuses!

Posted on: 04 Jan 2008

Well Mr Elwick you were right again - Wendy and Jenny had no excuses today and we did get out for a lunchtime run.

I suggested doing the 5k I ran yesterday but they said that as they'd not run for around 3 weeks that it was too far and we should do a shorter run.  We set off in damp conditions but not too cold and the ladys were warm in their long sleeved tops (yes they've got one each Gary B!).

We did a good route that I done recently and didn't tell them until we were in the last mile that all I'd done was run the same route as I'd done the day before but in reverse.  So instead of 5k they did 3.1 mile in around 34 minutes and Wendy didn't catch on until we were nearly back! 

So a good run especially for Wendy & Jenny who now know they can start training for the 10k in March from a good position.

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