No Magic today!

Posted on: 19 Jan 2008

Well I could have done with a magic trick or two today the mud was horrendous! Three laps of a very tough course where they seemed to pick all the paths with the most mud.  There were times when we were just sliding along!

It was definitely a day for the stronger runners and not me, I'm OK on roads or dry courses but thick mud just doesn't suit.  But I acheived what I wanted a tough 6 mile run and I actually enjoyed it!  Darren had a great run today he's a lot stronger than me and coped better in the mud!

To show how difficult it was if you remember about 3 weeks ago I ran a road 10k in 41:59 averaging 6:45 per mile.  Today the garmin says 5.97 miles in 54:43 averaging 9:10 per mile!  My mile splits were 8:21 too fast!, 9:32, 9:18, 9:24, 9:10, 8:58.  I finished strong and passed 5 runners on the last lap.

It took me ages to get the mud off my kit and me after the race! My legs are a bit achey now but I think I'll be OK for tomorrow and I'll see how close I get towards the 10 x 800m but won't worry if I don't do all 10 that's the target for the lead up to the marathon so loads of time to get there yet!

Hope you've all had a good day I'll have a quick read of a few blogs now to see how you're doing.

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