No running but...

Posted on: 12 Jan 2008

I've not run today but did anyone watch the cross country from Edinburgh?  What great races! 

It must be great to live there and get to see such brilliant runners up close! I was hoping to go to Edinburgh for the World Cross Country Championships on 30th March but can't afford it as well as a trip to London on 13th April!!

There were some great runs from Britain's athletes especially Stephanie Twell in the ladies race with an excellent fourth place.  And did you hear the classic piece of commentating from Brendan Foster on his 60th birthday!!!  During the ladies race he said 'It's a 3 lap race 2 short laps and er.. 2 long laps'  Brilliant Bren Happy Birthday!

In the men's short race it was good to see some lads I've been watching run in the North West since they were youngsters have good runs - Steve Vernon of Stockport Harriers led the race for a while and Tom Lancashire from Bolton Harriers had a brilliant run for third place.

The men's senior race was awesome with 5 runners away together in the lead then down to 4 before probably the greatest cross country runner ever Kenenisa Bekele, just powered away up the toughest paasrt of the course with 400m to go and ran away to win.

Right I'll have a quick check how you've all been doing today before I work out my route for tomorrow's 20 miler!

PS: Thanks for the comments after my added rest day yesterday and Heather B I aim for my 5 longest runs adding up to over 100 miles before a marathon and then I feel ready endurance-wise for a good marathon and just have to make sure my speed is there from my track work, tempo runs and races.  


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