Body 0 Brain 1

Posted on: 23 Dec 2007

Have you ever had one of those conversations in your head during a run where your body wants to cut it short but your brain says go on? Today was like that...

Fist of all the weather was great for my planned 15 mile run and I'd worked out a challenging 15.25 mile route.  I set off and ran the first mile too quick (7:56) and then found that the pavements were too icy to run quick and had to slow down and take it careful.  I also started to have all sorts of aches and pains - my left foot kept going into spasm and felt like it was going to give way.  Then I had a pain in my right shin, then pins and needles started in my left foot.

Mile 2 was 8:02, and then 8:42 to 3 miles. A long climb up to 4 slowed to 9:23 and then picked up to 5 in 9:08.  I raised the pace in the 6th mile with a 8:56 but the pins and needles got worse and I stopped to retie my shoe lace and mile 7 picked up again to 8:39.

During mile 8 I stopped for a call of nature in a field and the mile time was 9:14.  This seemed to ease the pins and needles for some wierd  reason and I began to run them off with 8:27 to 9 and 8:49 to 10 miles.  Mile 11 was a climb in 9:10, followed by a downhill to 12 in 8:37.

Then the conversation mentioned above started because from around 13.5 I should have headed for home and a 15.25 mile finish.  My brain was saying that I was only doing 8:52 pace and could run quicker so I might as well add on a few miles and keep at that pace. My body was saying it was tired and achey and wanted to head home.  This slowed me over the next mile to 13 in 9:39.

With help from the garmin which was showing that I wasn't running that hard and could either pick up the pace or add in the miles, I chose to side with my brain and turned left to add on a few miles.  The trouble with doing this is that as soon as you turn and start to head away your body begins to hurt even more and you get the I told you so! Mile 14 was 9:12, then a 9:00 to 15.

I then decided to push for home and picked up to 8:23 on a good downhill section to 16 and then on the flat (apart from 1 steep climb) I ran 8:45 to mile 17.  On the flat for the final 0.94 miles I ran 7:52 (8:20/mile pace).  So instead of 15.25 miles I ended up with 17.94 miles in 2:38.03 averaging 8:48 per mile.

More than intended but the ice slowed me down so I wasn't working too hard and in the end it was a good run!  But I'm aching now! 

I hope you've all had good runs this weekend!  Merry Christmas to all my friends in blogland and good luck for a superb 2008 for everything you do!!


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