Recovery run

Posted on: 15 Feb 2008

Jenny and I went out for a run at lunch and it was a bit cold but OK - I say cold but that's just compared with the warm weather we had earlier this week so probably today would have been a normal February day any other year.

We did a comfortable 3.5 miles and Jenny ran a lot better than Tuesday but like I said we all have off days. We got round in just over 35 minutes so a comfortable 10 minute pace. 

Now I've got almost 48 hours rest until my long run on Sunday - I'll be going for another 20-21 miles and then I'll have an easy week before the Great North Western Half Marathon in Blackpool on 24th and I'm looking forward to meeting Judith there and possibly Cath B (you doing it again Cath?) and Pete E assuming he's back in time to show off his tan!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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