Road & Hills

Posted on: 14 Jan 2008

Well we had one massive group of runners tonight for the road and hills session, not only 18 of my group but 20+ of the Oldham Town Boys cross country team (and some parents) that I volunteered to help.

So nearly 40 runners all kitted out in fluorescent yellow bibs for safety set off on a road run with hills.  I must admit I did take it a bit easy on them tonight as some of them aren't up to my group's normal session which is around 4.5 miles with 16 hills.  Tonight we managed 4.1 miles with 13 hills (yes I know not very easy on them!) Some of the hills were steep, some not so steep, some long, some short, some twisted around, some straight up and one that was a double hill with a slight flat bit in the middle (but I only count that as one).

We set off running in one massive line of runners crossed one main road on mass stopping traffic until everyone was across and then set off into an estate which had a few hills we just sprint up a hill then jog back down and carry on or go over the top and carry on from there.

A good run and enjoyed by everyone - you might guess that I hope to recruit some of these lads to the club to boost our boys team.  Rest tomorrow and then a 6-ish run in Wednesday night with my group of road runners and possibly a couple of the youngsters.

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