A recovery run

Posted on: 02 Jan 2008

Amazing how one run can be different from one runner to the next - what's an easy run for one is a fast session for another and a long run for one is a short run for someone else.

Tonight's run was a recovery one for me but it seemed quite a hard run for Sara, a long run for Sandrine, an easy run for Mark , Darren found it harder than expected and I think Derek took it easy - but we all enjoyed a good run in great company.

The distance on the garmin was 6.71 miles in 58:34 (averaging 8:43 pace).  My mile splits were 9:42 (way too much talking!), 9:07, 8:49, a downhill 8:19, 8:35, 8:33 and 5:26 for the last section after Mark had picked up the pace when we turned for home (7:38 pace).

A good mid-week run to really kick start the marathon training.

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