Tough track session

Posted on: 29 Jan 2008

Tred to post on here all last night and it wouldn't let me!!  I know I criticised the 'Map your passion' farce that used to be the simple and effective Route Planner but surely RealBuzz can take a bit of criticism! so here goes to try again...

Well despite a few aches from yesterday's run I was back on the track for a tough session last night and I loved it!!

I did 2 miles warm up before doing my usual running drills and getting ready for the session, which was 2 x 600m fast with 200m jog recoveries followed by 1 mile hard then another 2 x 600m with 200m jogs to finish.

I took the first 600m steady in 2:30 (6:35 mile pace), then after the jog it was into the secod 600m and an improvement o 2:23 (6:15 pace). I went off a bit quick in the mile with the garmin saying I was sub 6 minute mile pace over the first 400m so I steadied myself and finished in 6:16.  The 200m jog after that felt very short and we were into the 600s again.

I did the 3rd 600m in 2:22 (6:11 pace), 200m jog and then into the final fast effort which we always try to make the quickest one to finish on a high!  I went off hard and then maintained my pace for a 2:14 (5:45 pace).

With the mile warm down I had a 6.2 mile session and felt really good and the rest of the group worked really well - mostly in front of me!  This was the last session for  boys from the Oldham Schools Cross Country team who I've been coaching for the last month in preparation for the Greater Manchester Schools Cross Country Championships on Saturday.  It'll be good to see how they all do and I'll be there to walk them round the course and make sure they're watrmed up and ready to go. The good news was thta after last night's session a few of them aske dme about coming back to train with me and join the  Club - result!!

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